Friday, September 24, 2010

why women should make up?

Long ago, I read from a magazine about the theory of "why women should make up?"somehow, the theory is embedded in the head tu my brain until now.

Beauty is synonymous with women. no one can dispute that fact. not only who is leg make-up, which hardly any make-up make-up will also go out to town or want to go to a feast or just a vacation with friends.
at least should want to Paste was also a little powder, adjust the lid may be perfect, etc. ... It is facing the mirror to be at least half an hour.

while the men, tie belt while walking to the car was normal. grumbled that the last t in a car, the wife of late completion.

I've asked a few friends on the women about this issue. between the responses of the popular ...
1. for self-confidence when dealing with people
In other words, women will make up just when to face other people. 
if you are alone at home, no need la busy dressing.
if you leave the house in a still-worthy di'touch-up ', her self-confidence will be affected.

2. Posted instructions for men
any man who does not like to see beautiful women, is not yet? 
for a single reply to be la melaram want a little bit happy to change the status to 'at berpunya'.
somebody has already booked some bids are also due to heart It does not change the timber to another.
but what is it when somebody pulak to marry? 
It is beautiful no matter where they were dressing, he remains male nurse tu jugak. It is apt patutnya men dressing in order to add a collection of chants ...
instinct is like a beautiful woman
writing to be beautiful, the table must be decorated with beautiful, beautiful clothes want, want beautiful shoes, beautiful henpon want ... 
presumably, all kat beautiful eyes Posted la  ... body and beautiful face also want to be la.
beauty is a private property rights of women ...
but unanswered question is, "why bile sensorg  time at home, takde pulak busy beautifying themselves? time at home takda feminine instinct to?"

It is three tu as the most popular response for the question of "Why Women Need make-up?" Other opinions are much more minor. I have forgotten.
but no reply TAKDA greetings to answer theory-to-read my reply. when I explain the theory section that, mostly (except for ego who is said to want his opinion gritty aje) AGREE AND SEDAR will make up their 

actual needs.

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