Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why are you so lazy?

Because you do not have anything to be made, you choose to accepted, you feel 'heavy' to do, you do not feel the importance of things I made today.
Everyone has their own laziness. During the time you can be diligent, you can continue to work for days with the rest minimum. You are motivated, make you work hard for hours.

Up to a time later your body will be less alive. You will not be able to control the present.
Motivate yourself first quake fragile.
During that time reluctant to appear because it is reluctant to appear.
You feel sleepy, rimas, drowning.
Closing the eyes and lie down to sleep to do taste better. Lazy, the positive aspects of a situation in which the body cells to biological markers in the minds of asking a little time to recover after a long work.
In the pursuit of success, you must learn how to control laziness.

Mess about sometimes. Avoid dominated by lazy, but let you control the lazy. Save lazy, collect and release all of the time it's not lazy at all times.
Lazy people have the right to succeed, they just do not want to work hard now. People are reluctant to choose to have fun a bit, then trouble-hard.

pLazy? Lazy? ERM ... Everybody feel lazy .. KAN?

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