Friday, September 24, 2010

Grace of God

Tuesday 18 September 2010 prayer Darulsalam (Pok Bakar) ESSO petrol station next Paka had Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

The right side is completely berkopiah Pok Bakar  humble person .....

A cow was slaughtered and the meat has cooked for dinner singgang.

It happened that evening after the Zuhr prayer Ustaz Saiful came to eat. During the middle of eating an uproar from its news Posted Pok Bake the dishes in camp is adding women have found the word Allah knows. (God) disekeping meat is served, not until a few minutes found a piece of meat more like the word of God again. Many are able to record images of the meat cubes.

On the morning of the day, beef is beef that is not spent dilapah, until the meat already cooked 2 crater is still not finished weeding.
Pok Bakar also wonder why a lot of this meat. 
The price of a cow is RM 2.400 jer.
Asar prayer until the last meal still survives.

That is her power of Allah SWT.

God knows best.

Hopefully his servants to make us more conscious

Word of God is meant

"Allah enlarges the provision for whom He will and straiteneth and they (the disbelievers): Have fun with this life, but life is nothing but a little fun and not dwell as compared with the Hereafter."-  (
Surah Ar Rad 13:26

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